Remember What You Learn

Remember What you Learn

I enjoy the ideas and humor in the books REWORK and Getting Real by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. When I first noticed REWORK I asked my wife if we could buy a copy.  In her thriftiness she found a copy in audio book form at the local Denver public library branch. G-d bless the library.

REWORK is written in a way that the chapter/section headings serve as great cliff’s notes. Because the book’s points are worth remembering, I started taking audio notes on my phone while I listened in the car. After about two minutes of that, and realizing that I’d probably spend time transcribing my audio notes into written form if I wanted to make them more usable, I figured that I could find the table of contents online. The second Google result led me to the REWORK mindmap. The mindmap is substantially more useful than the static table of contents at Amazon because I can export the mindmap in multiple formats such as rtf or pdf and because signed up for a MindMeister account I can clone the map to my account and add to it as I wish. Thank you MindMeister for creating this slick software and thank you Andy Breeding for saving me the time of using MindMeister to create exactly what I wanted to create!


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