jira and IE6

Google Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame

I have the fortune of working on an agile team in not-so-agile company. My company mandates IE6 in order to use it’s intranet (even IE Frame within chrome doesn’t fool our intranet’s browser detection). We use jira to manage our feature backlog. Jira as of version 4 doesn’t support IE6. In particular, the agile jira plugin greenhopper doesn’t play well with IE6 when you try to pop-up an issue. I got excited about a suggestion to use Google chromeframe. So for two days I’ve been struggling to jira and IE6 to work with chromeframe. Rather than

  1. writing a custom servlet plugin or
  2. fronting jira’s tomcat server with apache and leveraging mod_rewrite

I decided to leverage UrlRewriteFilter.


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