MacOS dotfiles for lots of command line customization

I’m a lazy programmer and computer operator. I like to use the minimum amount of keystrokes on the command line. As such, I really like this project:

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MacOS file merge

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show .files in mac finder

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES
killall Finder

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How to determine which git commit broke the build

Git bisect works with binary search. If you have automated test script that returns status 0 if the test is ok, you can even run the test as part git bisect.

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How to safely delete files in git

Usually you want to delete files from the origin repo without deleting them from everyone’s local repo:

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How to set up a git repository on a shared server

chgrp -R foo repodir # set the group
chmod -R g+rw repodir # allow the group to read/write
chmod g+s `find repodir -type d` # new files get group id of directory
find <gitrepo> -type d | xargs setfacl -R -m d:g:<whatever group>:rwX


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RichSnippets for Reviews without Ratings

At my employer WhoDoYou we list recommendations for local service providers culled from Facebook along with reviews and ratings from users on our own site. We treat provider Facebook recommendations as reviews, and our provider page displays a provider’s Facebook reviews and WhoDoYou reviews + ratings in a list. Sometimes we have Facebook reviews for a provider but no reviews + ratings on our own site, and sometimes we only have reviews + ratings from our own site. We would like to display the number of reviews for a provider in Google RichSnippets even if we don’t have any ratings.

This is an ongoing investigation for a requirement to display RichSnippets in Google search results for Things that have Reviews with no Ratings. We’ll build on the article Count vs. Votes Error for by Aaron Bradley at SEO Skeptic. Besides that article, the reader should have an understanding of Microdata in general, schemas, Google RichSnippets, and the RichSnippets Testing Tool.

We start with Aaron’s code for Correct use of AggregateRating properties for items with reviews:

This returns the expected output from the RichSnippets validator tool:


But what if we have reviews without ratings? The expected result from the RichSnippets tools would look the output above with the stars and the “Rating: 4 – ” text disabled or hidden, possibly like this (with the text 2 reviews left-aligned; please excuse my image editing skills):



To achieve this expected result, we’ll remove (comment) any of the microtags related to the rating:

However, when we run this through the RichSnippets validation, the actual result is an error:


I’ve tried to achieve the desired outcome by changing the ratingValue in several different ways, including setting the rating value to -1, 0, a letter, and a symbol. I’ve tried with the microdata in every way I can think of, but I’ve haven’t been to able to achieve the desired outcome of displaying a RichSnippet for Reviews without Ratings. Does RichSnippets even support this? If anyone has been to achieve this outcome, please do share how!



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